Developer at Archrival

Archrival Archrival
  • a web portal for brand advocates to participate in discussion with other advocates and compete to earn rewards from the brand
  • a mobile website to facilitate an photo-based scavenger hunt for product in multiple countries and languages
  • an analytical tool for a brand to monitor their Facebook posts and determine whether they were meeting their social goals
  • various websites and Facebook tabs for promoting a brand, product, or service through either an online contest or interactive online experience


Software Development at University of Nebraska–Lincoln

University of Nebraska–Lincoln University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • a college-wide C# library for code reuse and organization
  • an online college election system for chairs & committees
  • a surplus auction site used by multiple universities

Freelance Developer in Lincoln

Lincoln Lincoln
  • an IRB approved research survey for a graduate student at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • a tool to track video views and reactions for a marketing firm
  • various shell scripts and bug fixes through freelance websites